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Business Intelligence Application

iCAST is an enabler for the decision making needs of the Organizations. iCAST ensures not only the Intelligence to you, but the "Right Intelligence on the Right Data". iCAST ensures that the Data science is based on a sound domain layer of data appropriately enriched and semantically interlinked. Our Engines are sturdy and huge data crunchers. Our Implementation cycles are way too shorter. Beyond all- We ensure that our Customers see the benefits quickly and be very satisfied. They do get the returns.

How iCAST Helps?

iCAST helps Organizations to Expand and grow with Sales Marketing and Campaign insights

  • To understand spending patterns and cut wasteful expenditure.
  • To understand the areas to Optimize and achieve it
  • To get Proactive intelligence with Event Driven alerts
  • To have the real complete intelligence.
  • To have a seam-less interlinking from Goals till the contributors
  • To have influenced factors towards the achievement of Goals
  • That the problems are addressed with insightful decisions
  • To have a track on the feedback actions taken and
  • To understand improvements in Key Performance Indicators
  • To have a balanced look on all KPIs and the influencers
  • There is no major compromise to achieve a better outcome in another.
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Industry Solutions

iCAST Analytics

iCAST Analytical Engine leverages information assets within the organisation by framing an on demand enterprise delivering high performance. It is a comprehensive, unified platform for creating, managing and distributing analytical intelligence. It encourages enterprises to interactively exploit information assets to build multi-dimensional reports.

iCAST Compliance Reporting

In today’s complex regulatory environment, banks and other financial institutions have to comply to lots of regulations to ensure the smooth and safe sustenance. With the adoption conformance to norms and standards like SOX, BASEL, IFRS, GAAP etc.,. iCAST empowers the Organizations with greater visibility and safety. Our solutions ensure that the firms start seeing greater transformation in their maturity of the financial operations - with more informed decisions.


iCAST provides the industry a unified framework to better understand and identify the real differentiating assets in their institution. It delivers insights (knowledge) from data transformed into information and different ways to rethink business models and processes.

Life Sciences

iCAST enhances the performance of Organizations with tangible revenue growth in multiple domain areas of the Life Sciences Industry with actionable intelligence. Various complex calculations that ingrain the domain knowledge of industry experts which are built into the system enable a very effective, appropriate and precise decision enablement.

Engineering & Manufacturing

With all their available data that cover operational and technical areas, Manufacturing organizations constantly strive to have a golden copy of their information on which they can base their decisions with certainty. It is not easy as it is not merely a data, but there is a position to every atom of data in their activities and a semantic interlinking for the same data in multiple departments. And Organizations do not need a reactive approach towards their management needs, rather a proactive approach.

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